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Chronic and temporary halitosis can indeed be cured. Individualized treatment, focusing on the type of bad breath and the unique combination of underlying causes that apply to each particular case, is what will eventually lead to a permanent cure.

Masking products, such as mouthwashes – even the most effective ones – can only provide temporary relief, as they cannot tackle the actual root causes of the problem.

Bacterial imbalances within the oral or sinonasal cavities can indeed cause bad breath, but using only chemical methods to shift these imbalances does not usually provide a durable solution.


Be Aware of Those Who Promise You a "Quick Fix"!

This site has been put together to help all those who suffer from halitosis, be it chronic or temporary. Our aim is to provide honest advice and accurate, informative articles and reviews. Help us create a real community, a place where we can help each other out! Join our bad breath forums and don’t be afraid to participate; post a few lines whenever you have a question or a comment to make!

At Cure-Halitosis.com you will find nothing but the truth about bad breath products and treatments. Don’t be fooled into believing what many other companies and websites claim; unfortunately, in most chronic cases, an overnight cure for halitosis does NOT exist. Some claim that you can get rid of chronic bad breath just by gargling a bit of their patent formula a few times a day, others will tell you that hydrogen peroxide solutions or other home-made potions are the only way to get your fresh breath back…

Listerine Vintage Advertisement - 1934

Vintage advertisement: popular brand of mouthwash

Please, do NOT believe those that promise you to tell you the secret formula of a home-made mouthwash made with "cheap household ingredients that will eliminate your bad breath in less than 24/72 hours". All they will tell you is to mix a solution of bicarbonate of soda and salt, or hydrogen peroxide, and use it to rinse your mouth a few times a day.

These rinses WILL NOT get rid of your bad breath. Nor will commercial mouthwashes. At most – if you are lucky – they will help alleviate its severity or provide some temporary relief (much less than an hour), but they will NOT lead to a permanent cure for your halitosis, particularly if it is chronic .

It would be wonderful if things were as easy as many like to portrait. However, the truth is that bad breath is often a symptom of other conditions and diseases, which vary depending on individual circumstances.

Precisely because of this, each halitosis case is usually completely different from the next. One particular product may be helpful for one person but provide no relief whatsoever to someone else.

So where do you start? Well, without any hesitation, we advise you to put all your efforts into finding out exactly WHY you suffer from halitosis. Gaining the necessary knowledge to be able to identify the true underlying causes in your particular case is what will give you the power to use the most appropriate remedies and treatments.

We hope that you find this website helpful. Our goal is to keep improving it every day so that it can become one of the best online resources for halitosis sufferers. We hope you can finally find a bad breath cure that lasts. Best wishes!

Causes of Halitosis  

The chances are, if you have landed on this page, either somebody has already told you or you strongly suspect that you suffer from persistent halitosis. You may be suffering from low confidence and low self-esteem as a result of your chronic bad breath. Suffering from this embarrassing condition does end up taking total control of your life…

As soon as you get up you think about it (specially if you have somebody lying next to you!). When you arrive at work, you can’t stop thinking about your bad breath and ways to cover it up… You panic when you realise you have forgotten your mints or your toothbrush…

And then at bedtime, you would like to sing a lullaby to your little one, but you just don’t do it to avoid seeing your child covering their little nose or turning their head to one side… The list goes on…

Hopefully, these pages will help you find a permanent solution, and this will set you free from all that humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety and unhappiness that you have been suffering from for such a long time.

So! First of all, a bit of learning! In order to be able to find a halitosis cure, it is vital that you first learn what the main * causes of halitosis are:

  1. Oral infections, such as dental decay or an infected wisdom tooth
  2. Gum disease (gingivitis or periodontitis)
  3. Dry mouth condition (called xerostomia)
  4. Sinus infections, post nasal drips and allergies
  5. Tonsiloliths ( tonsil stones)
  6. An excess of certain types of gram (-) anaerobic bacteria
  7. Poor oral hygiene
  8. Smoking
  9. Certain foods
  10. Chronic indigestion and acid reflux

(*) Note: There are also a number of medical conditions (which include lung, liver or kidney disease, diabetes, oral cancer and certain blood disorders) that also can cause halitosis. These are highly unlikely but if you have any reason to suspect your bad breath is caused by any of these diseases or conditions, please seek medical advice immediately.


About the Author

Hello! Welcome to www.cure-halitosis.com!

My name is Dolors, I live in Bristol (UK) and I am 34 years old. I suffered from chronic halitosis for over twelve years. I would like to offer my honest advice as well as share all the information I have on how to cure bad breath, be it by using home-remedies or by using professional treatment, when necessary. Here I share my experiences, how I treated my halitosis, the techniques that I used and the exact steps that I took, while reviewing the products and gadgets which can help get rid of oral or nasal malodours and – equally importantly – the products that can’t!

By identifying all the different factors / conditions / diseases that were causing my halitosis, I was able to tackle each one at a time, and in approximately 8 months, I finally managed to get rid of my chronic bad breath. And this time it was not just a temporary fix, using something to mask those oral malodours. This time my halitosis was gone forever!

There is no big secret or magic formula – I tried to use a scientific approach and this time I made sure that I looked into all possible factors, always keeping an open mind. Individualized treatments, remedies and strategies are to be used, which depend on what type of bad breath you are suffering from. A permanent cure for halitosis does indeed exist, although I can assure you it does not come inside a bottle (I wish things were that easy….)!.

I sincerely hope I can help you a little bit and that, at the very least, I can help you learn more about your condition so that you are much better equipped to find the most appropriate treatments and, ultimately, are able to find a halitosis cure that lasts. Here is the link to the step by step guide. Best wishes!

>>>How to Cure Bad Breath – Step by Step Guide 


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