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If you suffer from dry mouth (also called xerostomia) it is quite likely that this condition is contributing to your bad breath problem. So what remedies are recommended?

If you are unable to stimulate saliva flow by just increasing your daily intake of water or sugarless drinks, regular use of a good dry mouth mouthwash can prove to be extremely helpful.

Not only is xerostomia very uncomfortable, but it will make you extremely susceptible to both tooth decay (acid concentration in the mouth becomes very high when saliva flow is reduced) and bad breath (anaerobic bacteria just thrive in those conditions).

Using a dry mouth mouthwash regularly can be a very effective way to increase saliva production and hence relieve symptoms. I personally use both  Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash and BioXtra Moisturising Mouthrinse with very good results.

Find below a list of the best mouthwashes specifically formulated to treat xerostomia, with a summary of their properties and my personal review:

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1) Biotene Dry Mouth Mouthwash – 9/10: it contains four different types of enzymes that will help stimulate saliva flow and help fight oral bacteria. It is (of course!) an alcohol free mouthwash, and it contains xylitol, which is a well known inhibitor of bacterial growth. In addition, it also contains zinc gluconate, which has been shown to help prevent plaque and tartar build-up, as well as reduce metallic or sour tastes in the mouth.

Biotene mouthwash is very gentle to the mouth (no burning sensation). It tastes sort of sweet and has a very  light minty flavour. First time I used it, I found it quite amazing how  just a tiny amount gargled for less than a minute had the power to lubricate my mouth for hours.

Biotene products are now recommended by many health professionals and have been shown to be very effective to treat xerostomia. I personally use Biotene mainly before going to bed, because I use a dental night-guard (which keeps my mouth open all night!) and so I  otherwise get a very pasty mouth and terrible breath in the morning!

2) Oasis Moisturising Mouthwash – 8/10: Oasis (from Sensodyne) is also alcohol free and it helps stimulate saliva production by using (what they call) Tri-Hydra Technology, which helps protect from dryness, lubricates, locks in moisture and helps prevent bad breath. Contains glycerin which is a moisturising agent.

Instead of xylitol (like Biotene and BioXtra), it contains sodium saccharin. I personally would rather use something containing xylitol (proven health benefits) than something which contains sodium saccharin (there is a bit of controversy surrounding this component).

Having said that, Oasis Moisturising Mouthwash does what it says on the label and really helps with xerostomia symptoms. Flavour is also very mild (minty) and leaves mouth fresh for a few hours.

3) BioXtra Moisturising Anti-Plaque Mouthrinse 10/10 (available in the UK): like Biotene, BioXtra mouthrinse contains a unique blend of enzymes to help increase saliva production. 

Other useful ingredients it contains (when it comes to preventing dry mouth, dental decay, plaque and bad breath) are xylitol and fluoride. It is also an alcohol free mouthwash.

I actually decided to try BioXtra Dry Mouth Mouthwash because I wanted to try another brand besides Biotene. Not only to compare but also because I wanted to find other remedies that were just as effective (or more!) than Biotene, so that I could alternate between them.

I was really impressed from day one because it is a very gentle mouthwash that leaves a very fresh and moist feeling to the mouth straight away. For me, the effects last for a good three to four hours during the day and all night if used before bedtime. I love the fact that it contains enzymes, plus xylitol, plus fluoride and is acohol free.

Overall, BioXtra Moisturising Mouthrinse is my favourite dry mouth mouthwash, very closely followed by Biotene.

4) Other dry mouth mouthwashes worth considering:

Dr Fresh Orazyme Mouthwash: it’s alcohol free, contains a blend of 7 different types of enzymes, contains xylitol, and zinc gluconate.  I have not tried it yet but ingredients are very similar to Biotene’s so it should be quite an effective mouthwash.

I hope that this page has been useful and that it has helped you decide whether you would benefit from using a dry mouth mouthwash, to help you relieve symptoms, avoid dental decay, as well as help you find a cure for halitosis.

Xerostomia remedies range from saliva substitutes, xylitol gums, mouth gels to even room humidifiers! Keep browsing this site if you want to know more!

And remember! Halitosis usually stems from multiple underlying causes. Apart from dry mouth, your bad breath is quite likely to be caused by other factors. Learn the EXACT STEPS you need to take to determine ALL the causes of your bad breath and hence eliminate it permanently:

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  2 Responses to “Dry Mouth Mouthwash Review: Biotene, Oasis, BioXtra & Other Brands”

  1. I have tried Oasis as well, but I prefer Biotene. It was in fact my doctor who recommended it and have used it ever since. As I said, I tried Oasis, but I did not see any significant difference and was not too keen on the flavor, so went back to Biotene… Thanks for the info by the way, I wanted to know if there were any other mouthwashes for dry mouth, but I can’t get BioXtra because they don’t sell it here I think…

  2. Thanks for the review. I will try BioXtra mouth rinse, as I often travel to Europe so can get it there.

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