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Are you looking for electric toothbrush reviews to help you minimise your halitosis? Maybe you are thinking of getting yourself an electric toothbrush but you are a bit undecided or simply don’t know where to start! Here I will review Braun electric toothbrushes, since I have been using them for quite a while and they have always worked wonders for me. A Braun Oral b toothbrush is simply one of the most reliable gadgets there are currently around.

Braun electric toothbrushes come in a variety of price ranges and so you can spend as much or as little as you want, depending on your budget. I recommend the Braun Oral b Triumph electric toothbrush, simply because it is one of the latest state-of-the-art models and is the one I currently use (and, of all the electric toothbrushes I have had, it is the one I have been the happiest with!).

Now, let me get some things clear from the start:

You will not get rid of your halitosis  just by using an electric toothbrush. However, if you  have been causing damage to your gums in the past (for instance with a manual toothbrush: note that hard or medium bristles + vigorous brushing and wrong technique = gum recession. And gum recession implies increased risk of bad breath). Therefore, by using a soft-headed electric toothbrush, and also using its softest mode, you are making sure that, not only you are removing plaque more effectively, but perhaps even more importantly, you are not damaging your gums even more.

Electric Toothbrush Review - Braun Electric Toothbrush

I mainly recommend you switch to an electric toothbrush if (in addition to your halitosis):

a .- You have got crowded teeth (even if only mildly), or

b.- You suffer from gum recession, or

c.- You still can’t help brushing your teeth way too often (because of fear of your bad breath being too nasty, particularly at work or in social environments), or

d.- With a manual toothbrush, you simply find it difficult to pay enough attention to what you are really doing (like when in a hurry) and so rarely brush your teeth properly like you should (remember: soft bristles only, small round movements, palate side as well as cheek side, etc…)

I personally switched to electric toothbrushes following an appointment with my periodontist. I can assure you it was a real wake up call. I had finally made an appointment after months of neglect, following pregnancy and birth. It turned out that I had damaged my gums so severely I now needed gum grafts done on most of my teeth (still saving…!).

Still Single?  Maybe it's your breath.

Years of too frequent brushing (hopelessly trying to get rid of my bad breath) using hard bristles and too vigorous a tecnique had finally taken its toll. The only way to minimise more trauma, while making sure I removed plaque really effectively was to seriously consider buying a soft small headed electrical toothbrush (my crowded teeth are very difficult to clean properly with a manual brush, as there are many corners that can trap plaque and debris which just can’t be reached with the bigger heads that manual toothbrushes have). So after being made aware of what I had done to my gums, seeing the evidence and fully understanding the reasons why I had caused all that damage, taking the decision to buy an electric toothbrush  was a no-brainer!

If all this sounds way too familiar to you, then you just have to take a decision. If you simply can’t afford an electric toothbrush, make sure that from now on you only buy toothbrushes with a soft or even extra-soft head. This is the minimum you can do to reduce the chances of any more damage being done.

If you have decided to get yourself a Braun Oral b toothbrush, just click on any of the Braun electric toothbrushes displayed below:

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I hope that my electric toothbrush reviews have been useful to you and that, be it braun electric toothbrushes or another brand of electric toothbrush that you go for, you eventually find the right product that helps you cure your halitosis at last.