Oct 142011

14th October 2011

Exhaled breath analysis can provide extremely useful information related to the origin of our bad breath, but most importantly, it can give us vital information related to our overall health.


Exhaled Breath Test - Bad Breath Molecules

Our breath contains volatile organic compounds which are essentially produced within our system: for instance, the mouth or the gut. If this could be analysed successfully, a revolutionary approach to diagnosing certain conditons or diseases could potentially lead to huge advances in medicine.

However, mass spectrometry data needs to be simplified so that end users can understand its significance. At the moment, scientists are focusing on finding ways to simplify the complex and vast amount of data provided by exhaled breath tests, in a way that allows for decision making and diagnosis.

Here is an extract from an article published in the Journal of Breath Research, earlier this year:

"As the headspace of the blood, our exhaled breath contains a vast array of substances and molecules that hold great promise for monitoring our health and for the diagnosis and management of various lung and systemic diseases.

With recent advances in technology, essentially anything in the blood that is potentially volatile or has a volatile metabolite can be measured in exhaled breath. This includes substances we produce endogenously as part of our normal (or disease-related) metabolism whether this is local in the lung or systemic in origin […]" Click on the following link to read more

"The great challenge for exhaled breath analysis: embracing complexity, delivering simplicity", Raed A Dweik, Journal of Breath Research, 5 (2011) 030201

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  2 Responses to “Exhaled Breath Tests – How to Analyse Complex Data?”

  1. I was actually wondering for a long time if there are any tools that can analyse bad breath… I now know the Halimeter and similar machines can analyse certain gases present in exhaled air. I guess their big brothers are the machines mentioned in your post, which can look for many different types of volatile compounds, apart from those responsible for halitosis. Hopefully, in a few years time, we will all be able to buy reliable mini-halimeters to use at home to test for bad breath at any time.

  2. There are actually several hand-held devices on the market that – theoretically – can measure bad breath. But all of them have very bad reviews. I don’t think they are reliable at all. Perhaps in a few years, they will come up with a gadget that is cheap and effective, who knows!

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