Bad Breath Articles: Information, Advice & Treatments for Halitosis Sufferers

 General Info on Halitosis (Bad Breath):
           – Bad Breath Solutions to Chronic Bad Breath Problems
           – Halitosis – Overview of Diagnostic Approaches and Treatments
           – How to Eliminate Bad Breath in Easy to Follow Steps
           – What is Chronic Bad Breath? – Chronic Halitosis Treatment
           – Symptoms of Bad Breath – Other Symptoms That Usually Accompany Halitosis
           – How to Cure Halitosis at Home – Identify Underlying Causes
           – How to Cure Bad Breath Temporarily
           – Natural Home Remedies for Bad Breath
           – How to Address a Halitosis Problem: Myths Versus Facts
           – Halitosis That Leads to Anxiety
 Halitosis Causes & Remedies:
           – What Causes Bad Breath? – Multiple Factors Often to Blame
           – Main Causes of Bad Breath – Mouth and Upper Respiratory System Bacterial Imbalances
1) Oral Hygiene
           – Oral Hygiene Instructions: Get the Basics Right First
           – The Importance of Flossing
           – Electric Toothbrush Reviews
           – Tongue Brush and Scraper Review
           – Alcohol Free Mouthwash Brands Review
           – Dental Care at Home and Around the World
           – Tips for Improved Dental Health
2) Plaque and Gum Disease
           – Most Common Tooth Problems and How to Avoid Them
           – How to Treat Gingivitis and Halitosis at Home
           – Dental Care Essentials to Keep Bad Breath at Bay: Periodontics
  3) Dental Decay
           – Targeting Specific Bacteria With Pathogen-Selective Agents
  4) Wisdom Teeth Issues
           – Bad Breath Test: Wisdom Tooth That Smells Bad – Infections
  5) Dry Mouth or Xerostomia
           – Dry Mouth & Bad Breath – Xerostomia Symptoms & Causes
           – How to Treat Dry Mouth, Acidity & Dental Decay
           – Dry Mouth Mouthwash Review
           – Dry Mouth Treatment: Xylitol Mints and Gums
6) Sinus Problems, Rhinitis, Allergies and Post Nasal Drip
           – Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breath – Post Nasal Drip Treatment
           – 5 Ways to Beat Sinus Pain
           – Sinus or Nasal Bad Breath Caused by Chronic Sinusitis, Rhinitis & Post Nasal Drip
           – Over-the-Counter Allergy Medicines
           – The Benefits of Using a Neti Pot to Treat Allergy Symptoms, Sinus Problems and Bad Breath
7) Tonsil Problems and Tonsil Stones
           – Is There a Connection Between Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath?
           – Effective Remedies for Tonsil Stones and Bad Breath
        8) Foods and Diet
           – Foods That Can Help Prevent Bad Breath

Learn the EXACT steps you need to take to eliminate your bad breath:

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