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If you suffer from halitosis, you will probably be keen on figuring out exactly what on earth is causing your bad breath. Even though there are actually a whole bunch of reasons why you may be suffering from stinky breath, in all probability you will find that there are actually only a few underying causes that apply to you.

How to Cure Halitosis at Home
How to cure halitosis at home?
Well, many of the root causes of your halitosis can certainly be dealt with at home. Sometimes, you may need to be seen by a dental proffessional or a physician, but a great deal of the conditions and diseases that cause halitosis can be successfully addressed from the comfort of your own home.
For example, your smelly breath could be caused by poor dental hygiene, and this is something which can easily be improved at home. Brushing your teeth and flossing with the correct technique is crucial, but using a good tongue brush to clean your tongue effectively is also very important.
Another example is sinusitis or chrinic sinus problems, conditions which can lead to bad breath. In this case, halitosis does not originate in the mouth but within the nasal passages or sinus cavities. Bacteria or fungi build up inside the sinonasal area and these can create gases with a very strong and pungent smell. Regular use of a good sinus irrigation system – which can be used in the comfort of one´s own home – can be a very successful at-home treatment for both sinus problems and halitosis.
These are just a couple of examples, but many other conditions and diseases that have halitosis as a symptom can be dealt with from home by using appropriate remedies. Learning how to cure halitosis at home is easy, starting by learning how to identify each and every one of the underlying causes of your halitosis problem. Remember, the only way to finally be free of bad breath is by addressing the root causes and not just the symptoms (bad breath is actually a symptom!).
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  1. I’m just so fed up of bad breath, it’s so embarrassing that when I speak to people never speak to them face on, I turn to the side and it can appear quite rude. But I would rather do that than have people think I smell awful…

    I didn´t know about tongue brushes so will give it a go, see if it makes a difference. If that does not help, I may try your step by step guide. Thanks for the info by the way!

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