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Summary: A methodical step-by-step approach, starting by determining the exact underlying causes of the oral malodours is the recommended strategy to treat chronic bad breath. Learning how to eliminate bad breath by using the most effective strategies and techniques to successfully treat each particular type of chronic bad breath, as opposed to just using masking products such as mouthwashes or oral rinses, is the only way that will ultimately lead to a permanent bad breath cure.

How to Eliminate Bad Breath - Morning Breath

It is estimated that chronic halitosis currently affects 27 million Americans. While mostly everybody suffers from temporary bad breath – such as “morning breath” – severe halitosis that persists throughout most of the day is a condition which needs to be addressed.

Finding a treatment for chronic bad breath that truly addresses the underlying causes of the problem is vital or any improvement will only ever be temporary. Learning how to eliminate bad breath by treating the actual roots of the problem is the only way forward, if a permanent bad breath cure is to be found.

Bad breath has such a powerful social stigma attached to it that the majority of halitosis sufferers tend to isolate themselves, suffer from very low self-esteem, as well as feel very anxious and depressed. In fact, a high percentage of chronic halitosis sufferers report having suicidal thoughts or no willingness to live.

Living with bad breath is not only frustrating but also very humiliating and isolating. It trully changes your personality because you are constantly in fear, constantly thinking about your bad breath and how you are going to hide it from the rest of the world. Your actions – in fact your whole life – revolves around it. Everything you are going to achieve today – or rather, not achieve – is basically a result of your fears about your breath.

To make matters worse, the fact that most medical and dental professionals do not really know how to eliminate bad breath – because they do not have the necessary knowledge or a standard protocol to follow, nor are they aware of the most effective treatments for chronic bad breath currently available – can be very frustrating and demoralising for many patients who suffer from halitosis.

Unfortunately, the oral hygiene market is saturated with products that fail to do what they advertise on the label. We are constantly misguided by marketing campaigns that promise a cure which always fails to materialise. In fact, chronic halitosis cannot be treated directly with “general bad breath products” such as commercial mouthwashes or home-made solutions.

Bad breath is actually a symptom, a consequence of other conditions or diseases, and it is often the case that several underlying causes are involved. Therefore, in most chronic halitosis cases, commercial mouthwashes or home-made solutions – such as bicarbonate of soda or hydrogen peroxide rinses – are not able to target the actual root of the problem. The oral health market is worth billions, and yet most products can only mask bad breath, if not make it worse. In fact, successfull treatment of chronic halitosis does not involve regular use of a mouth rinse at all.

If chronic halitosis is a symptom of other conditions or diseases, then accurate diagnosis as to what these conditions and diseases are is crucial if a permanent cure is to be found. A permanent halitosis cure will only be found if we use a method which helps identify and target the true underlying causes of halitosis, by only using the most effective chronic bad breath treatments, specifically targeted to each particular case.

Learning how to cure halitosis successfully involves first knowing what precise strategies and techniques are needed to treat chronic halitosis; it is important to identify the real causes behind the problem, and then use the precise tools and treatments that target the underlying causes from the root.

How Do You Cure Halitosis? Step by Step Guide

How Do You Cure Bad Breath?

Most of us would rather find a miracle product which could eliminate our stinky breath quickly, ideally in a matter of seconds, just by rinsing our mouths with it or doing a bit of gargling. Unfortunately, this product does not exist, despite what many companies claim. Not even the best oxydising mouthwashes are up to the job of treating chronic halitosis.

Therefore, the only option left for the chronic halitosis sufferer is to trully address the underlying causes of the problem. Given that there are so many different factors, conditions and diseases which can cause bad breath, not to mention the fact that often multiple causes are involved, it is very difficult to get to the bottom of the problem unless a rigorous and methodical approach is used.

Understanding how to eliminate bad breath by identifying the underlying causes of the bad breath problem and then using targeted remedies and treatments is the only way that will eventually lead to a permanent bad breath cure.

Follow the 14-Step How to Cure Bad Breath™ method. Learn how to cure bad breath step by step and find out the exact remedies or treatments you need to use in order to target your particular type of bad breath:

Learn How to Cure Bad Breath in Easy to Follow Steps

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  2 Responses to “How to Eliminate Bad Breath in Easy to Follow Steps”

  1. This piece hits the nail on the head. It is actually amazing how we as consumers are marketed these miracle ‘fresh breath’ dental products and in fact all they do is very temporarily disguise the problem. In reality these companies play upon the insecurities of sufferers, which in turn end up spending a small fortune without literally getting to the root of the problem (no pun intended).

    • At the end of the day we are only human. We want a solution that is easy and fast. Marketing companies know that and use that card to sell us their products.

      Having suffered from bad breath for twelve years, I know very well how easy it is to get sucked in this vicious circle of trying one mouthwash brand after another in the hope that one day you will find “the one” that vanishes your smelly breath in two seconds flat.

      I can´t believe I spent twelve years wasting my time and money… all because I wanted an easy and fast solution. I wish I had started to tackle the causes of my problem earlier…!

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