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23rd Sept 2011

Anybody who has suffered from chronic halitosis for a while knows very well that all those products on the supermarket shelves – e.g. mouth rinses or oral sprays – do not really work. Most of the so-called bad breath products are usually formulated to help prevent bad breath, although the truth is that you will be lucky if you can find a product which keeps your halitosis at bay for more than an hour. Put simply, these products cannot cure bad breath nor can they keep it at bay for a reasonable amount of time.


Breezy Like Lollipop

In particular, mouthwashes which contain high levels of alcohol are actually not reccommended, because it is a well known fact that alcohol is a drying agent, that is, it quickly reduces saliva levels in the mouth, and this helps bacteria proliferate at an even higher rate. So there you go, you take a product to alleviate and prevent your bad breath and what happens is that you make it worse!

So are there any new products out there which can trully help reduce bacteria levels in the mouth for longer? Well, Israeli startup Breezy says they have the answer. They have developed a new sweet – called Like – they claim can keep breath fresh for up to 4 hours. Clinical trials on 75 individuals at the Hillel Yafe May Medical Center in Israel seem to show that they are indeed effective, although more research is perhaps needed to back up these results.

Breezy CEO Hillel Lerman predicts there will be a lot of interest in this product. Our Like candy offers triple protection," says Lerman. "The candy’s microcapsules scrub; the mint in the candy freshens; and the active agents combat bacteria. Like also acts as an on-the-go tongue scraper that facilitates scraping around and at the back of the tongue – a prime area for bacteria buildup – with significantly less gag reflex."

Lerman states that the company currently has several patents in place so that the microcapsules can be used to prevent bad breath in several different products, which can be marketed to smokers, dry mouth sufferers, those affected with canker sores, or oral fungi such as candida.

Breezy was founded in 2007 and the company has its offices at Trendlines Group’s Mofet B’Yehuda Venture Accelerator near Jerusalem.

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  1. I have a bad taste in my mouth every time i brush and when i talk it leaves a bad smell in the car when i’m talking to someone.

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