Sep 252011

Telling someone they suffer from bad breath is not easy. On many occasions, this person will be a work colleague, our teacher, our boss or just an acquaintance… It can be hard to tell someone who we do not really know that well, who we do not feel close enough to, that their breath smells really bad.

How do you tell someone they have bad breath?

On the other hand, it can be equally hard to tell a close family member or friend, because we do not know how to tell them without hurting their feelings. The truth is that no matter how tactfully we say it, it is likely that when we deliver the news they will feel embarrassed, even hurt. Telling someone that they smell, whether it is their breath, body odour or something else, is something most of us would like to avoid at all costs, because we feel embarrassed ourselves too!

If you cannot find the courage to tell someone they suffer from halitosis (bad breath), use the form at the bottom of this page. You can this way let them know anonymously that they have a bad breath problem and that they may want to take some steps in order to address it.

Make sure you fill in the big box at the bottom with some specific details so that we can include them in the email we are going to send; this way the person who suffers from bad breath will know the message is genuine and not spam email. For instance, you could write something like:

"Sam is my maths teacher and her breath is really bad. She is tall, with blond hair and wears blue spectacles. All my mates always make comments about it, and I personally cannot stand it when she gets talks close to me. The smell is similar to that of putrefying food and so it is extremely unpleasant. I don´t know if she knows that her breath is so offensive, so maybe this message will help, and she will do something about it…"

Once we have received the details of your form, we will send them a personalised email telling them tactfully that they suffer from bad breath, and we will also include the information you gave us. In addition, the email will contain advice and information on halitosis, its main causes, available treatments and remedies. 

If someone suffers from bad breath, everybody around them has to put up with it, including you! Did you know that over 95% of chronic bad breath cases can be successfully treated at home, by visiting a dentist, a dental hygienist or an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist? Bad breath can be cured, if the correct techniques, treatments and remedies are used.

Let them know they have a bad breath problem before it is too late!: