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The holy grail for bad breath sufferers?

What is the Holy Grail to bad breath problems?


Let me guess… You are looking for a bad breath remedy or treatment that:

  • Acts FAST and is EASY to use
  • Is CHEAP and can be used AT HOME
  •  Keeps your breath FRESH for as LONG as possible
Am I right..?
Like you, I also suffered from halitosis (bad breath). For TWELVE miserable years! And this is precisely what I kept looking for during all those years: a bad breath cure that acted fast, was easy to use, cheap, could be used at home and, on top of that, could keep my breath fresh for extended periods of time. 
Most companies will try to grab your attention by using an advertising campaign which claims their bad breath product has those 3 benefits outlined above. These companies know very well what marketing strategy they need to use to target people who are DESPERATE to get rid of such an embarrassing problem.
But take a moment to think about it; what is the likelihood that a "magical" product like this exists…? Do those claims sound TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE…? A mouthwash that "is 99% effective"…?? One that "keeps your breath fresh for 24 hours"?? A home-made rinse that "is worth only $2 and will cure your bad breath in seconds"…?? Come on…
I suffered from halitosis long enough to know how much MONEY and TIME one can end up wasting on products that DO NOT WORK. I have personally tried them all. The truth is: THERE IS NO SUCH wonder product. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You may want to try some of these products by yourself, so here is a list of the most popular:
  • Commercial mouthwashes: BreathRx, SmartMouth, Therabreath, Closys, Retardex, ProFresh, Listerine, Dentyl, Crest Pro-Health …

Are there any mouthwash brands that are effective to treat chronic bad breath?


  • Home-made rinses or herbal remedies: bicarbonate of soda (baking soda), salt water, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint tea, green tea, pineapple juice, fenugreek, vinegar, tea tree oil, coconut oil …
Home made rinses and herbal remedies - are there any products that can cure halitosis?


Let me tell you one thing. I have been BAD BREATH FREE for over a year now. How many of the above products do you think I used to finally get rid of my smelly breath? NONE. How many of the above products do you think I now use regularly to prevent those nasty smells from flaring up again? NONE.
Doesn’t this make you think? Are those remedies the answer to your bad breath problems…?
Facts You May Not Know:

1.- Bad breath is NOT a disease. It is actually a SYMPTOM of other underlying conditions, infections or diseases. Furthermore, it is often the case that halitosis is caused by MULTIPLE underlying factors. In the vast majority of cases, these conditions, infections or diseases are not serious in the short-term and so you may not be aware of them.

2.- Although bacteria and, in particular, the volatile organic compounds they release (upon break down of proteins) cause oral malodours, they ARE NOT the actual ROOT cause of bad breath. Bacterial imbalances in the oral / nasal flora are present for a reason! 

3.- Treating halitosis "directly" with products that aim to kill bacteria populations, inhibit their growth or neutralise the gases they produce are, after all, just attempts to get rid of a SYMPTOM, not a way to tackle the real underlying cause(s) of the problem.

So Here’s the BAD News:

1.- So-called "generic" bad breath remedies cannot really treat the underlying causes of bad breath. Therefore, their effects are EXTREMELY LIMITED when it comes to treating persistent halitosis.

2.- In most chronic halitosis cases, using only a chemical approach to treat bad breath (be it by using commercial mouthwashes, home-made rinses, or natural herbal remedies) won’t provide ANY LASTING RELIEF.

3.- If any significant improvement is achieved, the effects typically last LESS THAN AN HOUR, with oral bacteria populations quickly returning to their original levels.

Now, the GOOD News:

1.- Chronic bad breath CAN be cured in over 95% of cases, if the right approach, treatments and remedies are used. While an overnight solution for chronic halitosis does not exist, a LASTING solution is achievable in a matter of weeks – the exact length of time depending on each individual case.

2.- There are numerous treatments and remedies that can be used to cure bad breath. These need to be SPECIFIC to each TYPE of bad breath.

3.- In a large percentage of cases, lengthy professional treatments are NOT needed. At-home remedies and prevention methods are usually sufficient to significantly reduce the severity of oral malodours. 

So You Have Got 2 Choices:
You have two choices now. Tackle the root causes of your halitosis or live with bad breath forever.
A: Continue with your FUTILE attempts to cover up your bad breath, wasting time looking for "miracle" short-term solutions, and wasting money on more products that do not really work.
B: Instead, learn how to cure your halitosis the right way, by first learning how to identify ALL the underlying causes of your problem, so that you can then determine what TYPE of halitosis you suffer from. This way you will be able to use specific treatments and remedies which will target YOUR PARTICULAR type of bad breath.
Are You Ready to Take Route B Today to
Finally Tackle the Root Causes of Your Halitosis?


How to Cure Bad Breath – a Step by Step Guide

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How to Cure Halitosis - Step by Step Guide


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How to Treat Bad Breath - Step by Step Guide

If you really want to get rid of your halitosis (not just a temporary improvement but an effective, LASTING solution) then the most important step you can take right now is to identify each and every one of the factors that are contributing to your bad breath, so that you can tackle them only with the most effective tools and treatments.

Grab your copy of "How to Cure Bad Breath" today. Step by step, I will show you how to identify all the root causes of your halitosis, and the exact methods and remedies that you need to use to have a FRESH AND HEALTHY breath again. In this guide, you will find honest advice from someone who has finally managed to cure their bad breath after a very long 12 year battle, and who has written this book to genuinely help you get rid of your halitosis.

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