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What are the symptoms of bad breath?

You may not be too sure whether you suffer from halitosis (bad breath). Or maybe you are wondering if some other symptoms you have noticed are related to your oral malodours…

Here is a list of symptoms of bad breath, or put another way, common other symptoms that usually accompany halitosis. Read them through and see if you can identify any that apply to you:

  • Constant bad taste in your mouth: metallic, sour or bitter.
  • Coated teeth: plaque is present in large amounts and tartar is visible around most of your teeth. Even after brushing, teeth feel rough rather than smooth when running your tongue over it.
  • Stained teeth: yellow or brown stains are present on most of your teeth.
  • Gums regularly bleed and / or look red and swollen, especially after brushing and flossing.
  • Wisdom teeth are partially erupted (gum is covering part of the actual tooth) and / or they regularly hurt or tend to get infected with or without presence of abscesses.
  • You suffer from moderate to severe toothache regularly.
  • Some teeth feel rather loose.
  • Mouth feels usually rather dry and / or a burning sensation is present.
  • Tongue tends to feel dry, with a white or yellow film on it. It hardly ever looks reddish or pink and moist.
  • Saliva feels very thick at certain times of the day.
  • Throat is sore or you have swollen glands.
  • Nose is stuffy and / or there is a yellow or green discharge.
  • You suffer from rhinitis (runny nose) or hay-fever due to allergies.
  • You suffer from post-nasal-drip due to chronic sinus problems or allergies, and hence mucous tends to accumulate at the back of your tongue and throat.
  • You constantly have to clear your throat and/or have a persistent cough.
  • You constantly feel the need to swallow.
  • Presence of white / yellowy nodules on the tonsils and / or the feeling that there is something stuck somewhere in your throat.
  • Chronic sore throat.
  • Recurrent tonsillitis.

Note that experiencing any of the above bad breath symptoms – from just one to several of them – is a sign that something is not quite right (that something is indeed causing an overgrowth of bacteria) and thus an indication that you may be suffering from bad breath.

Remember that, in order to be absolutely sure that you suffer from halitosis, the only reliable way is to ask a close friend or a relative (or somebody you feel you can trust).

The above list of symptoms of bad breath is only to be used as a reference; once you have identified most of the symptoms, you can then proceed to target your particular type of bad breath with the most appropriate remedies, so that you can find a halitosis cure that lasts.

What to do Next:  Learn how to cure halitosis in easy to follow steps.

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  2 Responses to “Symptoms of Bad Breath – Other Symptoms That Usually Accompany Halitosis”

  1. Thanks for this list. My halitosis stems from various causes, and this list has helped me identify associated symptoms indicative of possible conditions that I need to get treatment for.

  2. Thank you for this article. It all makes sense now… Never occurred to me that there could be a link between my runny nose and my bad breath. I thought that bad breath originates from the stomach, but I now realize it is much more likely to originate in the mouth or nose!

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