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A Neti pot is used for nasal irrigation, for washing out the nose. That may sound odd and perhaps unnecessary at first, however regular users of a Neti pot have written rave success stories of its benefits. If you think about it for a minute, you can understand the potential advantage of this practice. It helps the nose do what the nose is supposed to do.

Most of the air we breathe comes in through our nose:

Using a Neti Pot to treat Allergies, Sinus Problems and Bad Breath

Our environment is filled with dust, dirt, pollens, and pollutants that are in the air and those come right on in with every breath. In a perfect world, in a perfect body with a perfect nose, this is all solved without any attention being invested, but in our world, few perfections exist.

The nose has a whole job to do. Of course, it brings the air into the body, but there’s more to it. The nose warms the air if the air is too cold or cools the air if it’s too warm. As air passes through the nostrils, the nose also adds moisture to it so that it is less irritating and more useful when it arrives in the lungs.

The nose is lined with minute hair-like structures called cilia:

One of their purposes is to catch this dust and pollen and all the rest and trap it and ultimately move it out of the respiratory tract so that the clean air can flow in easily for all its many uses. They also hold moisture to hydrate the air and keep the natural mucus lining of the air passages moving as it should to perform the job of trapping and removing foreign particles from the air. When the air is dry as it is during summer heat or in cooled or heated air inside, the cilia and the mucus membranes can become dry and less able to work correctly.

Smoke, chemicals and other pollutants can cause irritation to these delicate tissues and interfere with their performance. When these foreign particles build up, as they often do, the irritated tissues can become infected and that can cause problems that are more obvious and uncomfortable.

Using a Neti pot helps to wash away the dust and debris that builds up and can interfere with the whole breathing process. It washes out the old mucus that may be dried or clogged with the debris and cleans and moisturizes the nasal cavity. This is very helpful to the hard-working nose.

Neti pot use also helps drain the sinuses:

By keeping this area clean and unclogged, the mechanisms that protect us from hay fever, sinusitis, allergies, sore throats, and more can be restored to good working order and operate as they should. There is also benefit reported by those with other breathing disorders such as asthma and bronchitis because it frees the nostrils of mucus thereby reducing the less healthy habit of mouth breathing.

This practice can even benefit the eyes, inside and out, as it allows the tear ducts to be flushed and gives clearer vision and seems to give more sparkle to the eyes.

Regular use of a Neti pot is very helpful for clearing up certain types of ear disorders by relieving middle-ear infections which can be the source of tinnitus and glue-ear.

Because this procedure has a cooling effect on the brain, it can bring relief from headaches, migraines, depression and general mental tension.

Cleaner and clearer nasal passages improve the health and functionality of the olfactory nerves helping to restore any loses in the sense of smell which helps to improve digestion.

It has been noted that the use of a Neti pot can even gently and subtly affect the pineal and pituitary glands and improve hormonal balance helping to harmonize well being and emotional behavior.

There is just no good reason not to take advantage of this simple, inexpensive boost to a regular self-care program.

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Wanda and Paula are two friends looking to improve their health and well being with natural health alternatives and a positive approach to life. Their ‘Just Loving Life’ blog encompasses self improvement strategies, alternative medicines, the law of attraction, meditation and other self help techniques.


Excess mucus caused by allergies or otherwise can lead to rhinitis, sinus infections, post nasal drip and tonsil stones to name a few. All of these are common causes of halitosis (bad breath). Curing halitosis the proper way involves determining the root causes of the problem so that they can then be treated with the most effective remedies. Nasal irrigation, with a neti pot or with an electronic sinus irrigation system, has been scientifically shown to improve nasal function, by stimulating the cilia, to reduce mucus and to help combat bad breath.

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