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Find out more about the Ora Brush tongue brush or BUY NOW

Find out more or BUY NOW

Tongue scrapers  – or tongue cleaners – are a must have if you are serious about curing your halitosis. My favourite tongue brush is the Ora Brush (OraBrush). All you need to do is a bit of tongue cleaning after brushing and flossing your teeth and you are ready to go, confident that all that white coating and gunk at the back of your tongue is all gone!

Before you buy any products, I recommend you identify all the possible causes of your halitosis each one at a time. One of your first steps in finding a permanent halitosis cure should be making sure that you are cleaning your tongue properly with a good tongue brush. While on its own it may not solve the problem entirely, I can guarantee that it will, at the very least, help minimise your halitosis until the main cause is found (remember – it is very likely that we will be dealing with multiple causes).

Watch how it works !
How do you cure bad Breath? Orabrush Tongue Brush and Scraper all in One

I personally have tried everything I could get my hands on to get rid of my bad breath and I can assure you that a normal toothbrush or a loop-shaped tongue scrapper will never reach as deep as the Orabrush does. The Orabrush is both a tongue brush and a scraper, and also the brush has soft and pointed bristles that are capable of reaching all those tiny crevices on your tongue. I have found that I personally need a few more strokes than the two or three that they say should be enough but, other than that, the product does do what says on the label: it really does get rid of all that white / yellow coating on your tongue that is likely producing most of your bad breath, plus it does in very little time and requires very little effort too.

Tongue Scraper and Tongue Brush in One. Free Shipping!

I used to clean my tongue with a normal manual toothbrush before, thinking that it was more than suitable to do the job.  I did not realise how wrong I was until I came across the Orabrush Tongue Brush and decided to give it a go. With a normal toothbrush, I had to use a lot of back-to-front strokes, starting from one side, then going to the middle, then going to the other side, then rinsing my mouth, rinsing the toothbrush, and starting all over again, this time in circles and so on…. That was just a never-ending task in the end, which really put me off cleaning my tongue as often as I should (normally about 3 times a day, after brushing and flossing my teeth). So I ended up not doing it other than before bedtime, which totally defied the purpose, as during the day my tongue was not clean and so my breath stank even more.

Now I have several Orabrush tongue brushes, and I always carry one in my purse with my toothbrush. It takes only a few back-to-front strokes (about 4 or 5 usually) and you are done. So the process takes seconds rather than minutes and the results speak for themselves, because you can actually see the white stuff stuck on the brush and also you can feel how your tongue is really smooth and moist after it.

I just cannot find any flaws with this tongue brush: it is cheap, easy to use and will last you between 4 and 6 months, which is a real bonus.  I fully recommend you give it a try.



Note: if your halitosis does not get any better after regular and thorough use of the Orabrush tongue cleaner (or it gets better but there is still bad breath) please don’t despair. We are using a scientific approach and, step by step, we will cover all the possible causes for your halitosis. We can only tackle each one at a time!

Therefore, it would be sensible to try following all the steps recommended in my Step by Step Guide to a Halitosis Cure so that all the possible causes for the bad breath are addressed. It will feel fantastic if you can cure your halitosis by just adding a bit of tongue scraping to your daily routine, but if that is not the case, please don’t give up – there is always a light at the end of the tunnel! :-)

I hope that my review for tongue scrapers (tongue cleaners) has been useful and that you can find the best tongue brush (Ora brush or other) so that you can minimise and eventually cure your halitosis at last.

  6 Responses to “The Ora Brush Review: Tongue Brush & Tongue Scraper in 1”

  1. Your review was very helpful – thank you. It is so true, before purchasing anything to cure your halitosis you are best to work through possible causes. And brushing your tongue with the appropriate brush is easily overlooked (I think most people don´t do it or use their toothbrush to brush their tongue with…). People believe teeth are the only parts to clean in their mouth! Your tongue has to endure much more!

    I started using the Orabrush a few days ago and, oh my god, I am so happy with the results – it makes such a difference! Thanks for all the information on your site, it is helping me a lot!

  2. It is true that neither a toothbrush nor a tongue scraper alone are able to clean the tongue very well, but I’m surprised that all the websites I went to choose to promote Orabrush without ever mentioning the obvious combination of Toothbrush + Tongue scraper.

    I have been cleaning my tongue with my toothbrush followed by the tongue scraper (may require more than one iteration) for a while now and it works perfectly.

    That said, I have ordered the Orabrush to try it out, mainly because I think its bristles are softer than those of the toothbrush

    I just thought I’d put it out there, if someone has a normal tongue scraper and isn’t seeing very good results, brush your tongue before you scrape it and you’ll notice the difference.

    • Hello Jay,

      Thanks very much for that tip. From personal experience, the bristles of the Orabrush are indeed a lot softer and more “spiky” and bendy than those of a normal brush. They do wear off after a few months, and then their effectiveness is reduced (4 to 6 months, depending on usage), so replacement is recommended when this happens. The Ora Brush also has a little scraper incorporated which collects all the dirt so I find that I do not need to use another scraper at all afterwards.

      I also have tried a few tongue scrapers alone, combining them with a toothbrush, and you are right, I should have mentioned it on this post (in fact I will soon edit this post and add a lot more information, including reviews on other tongue scrapers I have used, so thanks a lot for your input).

      However, in my opinion, I find that in terms of effectiveness, ease of use and how fast it works, the Ora Brush cannot compare to any other combination I have used in the past.

      I think what is important is that each person finds a way to remove all that debris that builds up under the surface of the tongue as effectively, easily and quickly as possible, so that doing the job does not become a chore we tend to avoid, but something we do several times a day, whether we are at home, at the office or somewhere else.


  3. This actually seems like something I might benefit from; I am going to try it out. Thanks for the info!

  4. I have used another tongue cleaner (tung brush) and the results were not good my tongue was sore for a few days and it was very uncomfortable. The bristles are not as soft as i expected and the gagging doesnt help either. All i want to know is that can orabrush prevent all this and at the same time do the job what its supposed to do?

    • Hello Jack,

      I think that, because we are all different, it’s difficult to say that a tool will work universally for everybody. However, having tried different tongue brushes myself, I find the Ora Brush the most effective. Some will prefer tongue scrapers without brush. You need to try it for yourself, but I can say that the Ora Brush has never hurt my tongue (you obviously need to apply pressure, but not excessively, just enough to remove all the gunk).

      I’d say give it a go, otherwise you will never know.

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